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       Know Your Food

Phone: 677-9658

With many new challenges to our immune systems, now more then ever, it is important to feed our families with safe, clean, healthy produce -- grown without the use of toxic chemicals.

How to Order
Pesticide-Free Produce

Send your email address, name, and phone number to proorganicbelize@gmail.com with the words "send harvest list" and either "San Ignacio" or "Belmopan" in the subject box, depending on where you will pick-up your order.

Each Monday, in your email inbox, you will receive 2 harvest lists from Farmer Rene and Sayab Farms. Each will have a list of available produce, grown by experienced, certified farmers dedicated to pesticide-free farming.

Farmer Rene will deliver your order on Fridays to either San Ignacio (between 8 and 9am beside Hodes Restaurant) and to Belmopan (between 10:30 and 11:30 am at the Blue Moon Market).

Sayab Farms will deliver to San Ignacio on Wednesdays (between 3 and 3:30 pm beside Hodes Restaurant).

Instructions for ordering will come with your harvest lists, but basically you will send an email to each farmer with your order -- to Sayab by Tuesday and to Rene by Wednesday.

Order as much as you like, or nothing at all if you have no needs in a particular week - share orders with family, friends and neighbors - let us know what you want us to grow!