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Our Mission: The mission of Pro-Organic Belize is to educate, inspire, and encourage farmers regarding the benefits and opportunities of a sustainable pro-organic system of agriculture that regenerates the soil, and to educate consumers on the health benefits of pesticide-free produce.

Objectives and Goals: Through education and supportive services, we help farmers and consumers understand the benefits and opportunities in growing and consuming organically grown food -- toward the essential shift in agriculture from using toxic chemicals that compromise the integrity of the environment, our food, our water, our soil, and our health to natural more cost-effective agricultural practices that promote well-being and sustainability.

Projects and Activities

Pro-Organic Belize Pesticide-Free Consumers Group
In response to many people now wanting to buy safer produce, POB has organized a pesticide-free consumers group, which started operating in the San Ignacio area in October 2016. Due to its success, membership opened to individuals, families and businesses in the Belmopan area as well. If you wish to participate, send an email to requesting to receive our pesticide-free farmers harvest lists emailed to you each week. Click here for more details on how to purchase safer, cleaner, healthier produce (at market prices) to feed your family. (Coming soon...Deliveries to Belize City.)

Dr. Stephanie Seneff

With other Belizean organizations concerned about the environment and food safety, we sponsored a project to bring globally recognized authority Dr. Stephani Seneff to Belize in April 2017. She testified before the Pesticide Control Board and spoke to farmers and the public about the dangers of using glyphosate on farmland. It is our intention to reveal the truth about the consequences to the environment and our health toward achieving a ban on glyphosate. Visit the ban-glyphosate website for articles, information, videos, and podcasts toward understanding this grave threat.

Organic Certification

Unlike many other countries, Belize has not yet implemented a regular program to test for toxic residues left on fruits & vegetables, locally grown or imported. According to the WTO (World Trade Org.), since we do not require testing for our own locally grown produce, imported produce coming from other countries is exempt from testing. We are working to foster a plan toward testing food to insure it is clean and safe to consume.

All POB members and friends are welcome to attend general and board meetings on the third Tuesday of each month at Maya Mountain Lodge at 10am. NOTICE: Due to Covid10, until further notice all meetings are held online via zoom.)

Monthly Speakers Program
Speaker and presentations are held on the first Tuesday of the month (no charge). Please join us for lunch at noon - bring pot luck, or order from the Maya Mountain Lodge Nature's Kitchen menu. Bring plants, shoots, and seeds to swap along with gardening/farmimg questions. Speaker will present at 1-2:30pm.

Click here for a list of past and future speakers.

  • Send an email to to be notified of future speakers, date, time and venue. Please type speakers in subject box.

We also participate in:

  • World Food Day October 18th 2019, 8-3 in Ladyville.
  • The National Agriculture and Trade Show (NATS) is held yearly in Belmopan.
  • The Sustainable Harvest International (SHI) Organic Fair held annually in the fall.
  • Belmopan BTIA Expo
  • Regeneration Belize Tropical Agriculture Conference. All interested in Belizean agriculture and food are encouraged to attend. The event takes place in November. Free entry to all sessions. Click on logo below to visit the Regeneration Belize Facebook page.
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  • $25/year general voting membership. Meetings are third Tuesday of the month at Maya Mountain Lodge at 11am, followed by lunch (optional), then speaker presentation at 1:15pm.
  • $100 year organizational/business membership for any organization or business wishing to support the Pro-Organic Belize mission. Supporters are authorized to display a special certificate and will receive a free ad on our website.
  • Online membership registration form.

Learn about Glyphosate:
Book: Poison Foods of North America, By Tony Mitra

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